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Quality comes first

We want you to enjoy taking care of yourself during this special time in your life and we know you need to trust the products you’re using. Basq use only the highest quality ingredients which are carefully selected to deliver results. Knowledge is power. Basq offer the best in maternity skin care by providing products free from questionable ingredients. No guess work by you – enjoy Basq products worry-free.

Purity standards

These specialised maternity products are manufactured in the USA following quality production and monitoring standards of Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs). All Basq products are Clinically Tested to be allergy, irritant and sensitivity free. They never test on animals!

Commitment to beauty

Basq believe in beauty that works and want you to have an amazing experience using their products. They deliver skin care products with innovative design, decadent textures, and addictive aromas. If it isn’t a pure pleasure, why use it?

What makes Basq different from everyday skin care?

Everyday skin care isn’t built to prevent and repair the damage of stretching skin.  Basq works deep down to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy by building elasticity, repairing damage and improving tone.  These products are safe and effective to address your skin care needs during pregnancy and beyond.  Whether it’s pregnancy breakouts, dry skin, swollen feet or stretch mark repair, these products are safe and effective.

Skin strength comes from reinforcing collagen and elastin fibres, the building blocks of the skin matrix. Basq blend essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin and trigger cell turnover while reinforcing strength and tone.

The ingredients are always tested for safety, and are irritant and allergen-free. Using the science of aroma ology, they choose scents and oils that are safe and soothing during pregnancy.


Dedicated Pregnancy Treatments

 Basq ‘Tired Legs’

Duration 30 mins €50

An lower leg exfoliation followed by a lengghy foot massage to improve circulation, aiding any swelling and heaviness in the legs associated with pregnancy. Whilst the legs are wrapped you are treated to a relaxing scalp massage. It’s a wonderful treatment for giving your mind and body a rest.


Basq ‘Baby Bump’ Treatment

Duration 30 mins €60

This treatment is designed to reinforce the skin with deep hydration and a mega dose of nourishment that targets scars and marks also helping with the tone and elasticity of the bump. To begin skin, is exfoliated through dry brushing and application of Basq Lavender Perfect Scrub. Next the tummy is treated to a layering of Basq's stretch mark oils and butter which work to replenish deep down while soothing itchy skin.  As these decadent products absorb the lower legs are massaged to assist with circulation and reduce any swelling and heaviness in the legs


Basq ‘Head  to Toe’ Experience

Duration 85 mins €110

A complete head to toe spa experience to include; head, bump and lower legs. To begin melt the stresses away with a relaxing head, neck & shoulder massage to release tension. Following this, is a treat for the bump, where gently dry brushing increases circulation and exfoliation follows to remove dead dull cells.

Next lavish amounts of Basq resilient body oil, coupled with mega moisture butter are applied to treat the skin and to help prevent stretch marks. While the cream absorbs and takes affect you can enjoy a lower leg exfoliation and foot massage to reduce swelling and stimulate circulation.


Basq ‘In The Moment’ Pregnancy Massage

Duration 55 mins €80

A customised full body massage using safe pre-natal techniques, to help relax, reduce fatigue, release tension, aches, pains, swelling all associated with pregnancy. This massage will help increase circulation and benefit mum to be. 

For more information on this fantastic product or to book any of the treatments listed above please email to Eco Spa on or call 052-6188709

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