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Lismore Castle launch Virtual Reality Experience

- Posted on: 07/03/2023 - Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle launch Virtual Reality Experience


If you are planning on staying on an Easter Break or Summer Family Holiday in the Talbot Hotel Clonmel, then a trip to Lismore is well worth it.

This is one of the prettiest villages you will ever visit, with the river blackwater and the stunning Lismore Castle as the jewel in the crown!


Lismore Castle is a private estate and is not open to the public, but you can still get to see inside this beautiful historic building through Virtual Reality.

You will be immersed in the history of the characters, the chapel which was turned into a dining room and the luxurious bedrooms. See where Fred and his sister Adele Astaire danced and where J.F Kennedy came to visit.     


Group Tours

Groups will adore the film and chat will the local guide about monastic settlement, Viking, and Norman invasions.


Guided Walks

The local guide will share with you the culture, history, and heritage of Lismore town, highlighting the unique ecology of the Backwater Valley in our picturesque, guided walks.


Escape Room

The Escape room is an interactive game where you and your team – family - friends are given 1 hour to solve puzzles and open locks to find the code.


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