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At Talbot Hotel Clonmel we are constantly working towards minimising our energy consumption.

Our hotel facilities are equipped with energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems.

Here are some examples of the measures & investments that we have taken:

  1. BMS system which monitors and controls the hotels heating.
  2. We have a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Unit which is used to heat the hotel and the heating of our 20 Metre Swimming pool.
  3. There are 4 Electric Car spaces installed since 2022.
  4. All lights within the hotel are switched to L.E.D


We actively seek ways to reduce waste at every stage of our business operations.

Whether it's through recycling, or reusing materials, we're dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact.

Here are some examples of the measures that we have taken:

1. All our waste is separated into General, Food and Recycling

2. We are consciously working towards eliminating signal use plastics

3. Signage in our guest bedrooms to encourage guests to minimise water usage and use of towels.

4. Water intake and output of the hotel is monitored, to minimise leakage & water usage.

5. We encourage all guests in their hotel bedrooms to minimise the use of electricity by removing their keycard from the electricity slot as they depart the room.

6. The water we offer in our hotel bedrooms is now in recyclable cartons made from recycled materials.

7. In all of our bedrooms we offer the use lead pencils as opposed to pens.

8. All of our showers in the Leisure Centre are on a push button use, so as to minimise waste.

9. All stationary supplies purchased within the hotel for bedroom and meeting & conference use is on recycled paper.

10. We have recently started working with a local craftsman who reuses our delivery boxes for use within his company. We are delighted these boxes can be repurposed. 

11. One of our standout initiatives is the reuse of coffee grounds from our busy coffee machine. Recognizing the rich composting potential of used coffee grounds, we ensure that none of this valuable resource goes to waste.

We are delighted to offer these coffee grounds complimentary to all our guests. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or simply passionate about sustainable living, you are welcome to take advantage of this eco-friendly initiative. By reusing coffee grounds, we contribute to reducing waste and enriching the soil, promoting a healthier environment for all. This can picked up from the main bar area.

Join us in our sustainability journey and make a positive impact during your stay at The Talbot Hotel Clonmel. Together, we can cultivate a greener future.

12. Paper is one of the worlds truly responsible, sustainable, low carbon products. We are delighted to have teamed up with an Irish Supplier K.P.W who supply the hotel with all its stationary which is Carbon Balanced.

Carbon balanced paper enables you to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of our printed marketing communications. K.P.W use carbon balanced paper to support and enable World Land Trust to protect critically threatened Tropical Forests around the world.
For more information on Carbon Balanced Paper CLICK HERE



We believe in giving back to the communities that support us. Through our volunteer programs, charitable donations, and community initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact locally.


  1. We are delighted to sponsor so many local events and the many sporting teams locally.
  2. On a daily basis we are happy to support so many local charities & community events by offering gift vouchers for our bar, restaurant and leisure centre.
  3. One day a week, we like to give back by doing our local litter walks through out the community. As a team we select a different location and pick up litter in this location.
  4. At Talbot Hotel Clonmel we think it is very important to teach our little guests about sustainability also. So why not pick up one of our specific sustainability colouring books available at the reception of the hotel.
  5. While dining during your visit at the Talbot Hotel Clonmel we would like to remind you to try and be a sustainable as possible. Why not check out our sustainability logo on our function menus, opt for paper straws or even while visiting our Leisure Centre use the appropriate section in our recycling bins.
  6. Did you see our little pollinator & flower meadow at the front of the hotel. This little wildflower patch provides an important home for insects. This area provides cover, food, & a lovely nesting space for birds, bees & butterflies. These vibrant flowers & plants help promotes our garden biodiversity.