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Welcome to Talbot Hotel Clonmel, your gateway to sustainable travel!

Conveniently located just outside the hotel's main entrance, we offer 4 designated Electric Vehicle (EV) charging spaces to accommodate eco-conscious travellers like you.

Our charging spaces operate on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring fair access to all guests.

Due to the busy schedules of our guests and their varying arrival and departure times, it isn’t possible to reserve these spaces, that is why they are on a first come first serve basis!


Equipped with 2 high-speed 22KW chargers featuring Type 2 sockets, we empower you to recharge your vehicle efficiently.

To utilize our charging facilities, simply become a member of the Easy Go network.

For detailed information and membership sign-up, please visit

Please note that the hotel does not provide charging cables for vehicles and payment to use these services can not be made to the hotel.


Should you encounter any issues during your charging session, rest assured that Easy Go's dedicated support team is just a call away at 01 25 444 56 or email

We appreciate your cooperation in minimizing charging times to essential needs, enabling fellow guests to utilize this sustainable amenity.


Experience seamless travel with Talbot Hotel Clonmel and Easy Go, as we strive towards a greener tomorrow. Learn more about their commitment to sustainability at