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St. Declan's Way is an ancient pilgrim path steeped in history and spirituality, stretching approximately 94 miles through the stunning landscapes of Waterford and Tipperary in Ireland.

The trail begins at the carpark of the Rock of Cashel passing through Cashel, Cahir, Ardfinnan & Goatenbridge in South Tipperary.

This revered route traces the footsteps of St. Declan, a fifth-century saint who, legend has it, brought Christianity to the region before the arrival of St. Patrick. The trail meanders through lush valleys, rolling hills, and picturesque villages, offering walkers a unique opportunity to connect with Ireland's rich heritage and natural beauty. Along the way, travellers will encounter ancient monuments, holy wells, and tranquil countryside, providing moments of reflection and contemplation.

Whether you seek a spiritual journey, an adventure in nature, or simply a memorable experience, St. Declan's Way promises an unforgettable exploration through the heart of Ireland's ancient past.

Come immerse yourself in the footsteps of saints and discover the timeless allure of Tipperary.


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