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Our Energy & Sustainability Committee


We are delighted to introduce you to our Team:

Charter – Green Sponsor – Michael Boyle – General Manager

Green leader – Anthony Hewitt – Leisure Centre Manager

Laura Jones – Sales & Marketing Manager

Paul Conway – Maintenance Manager

Damien Webster - Maintenance Technician

Stephen Whelan – Operations Manager

Jason Tehan – Night Manager

Monika Czechowicz – Accommodation Manager


Our above team drive the charge of implementing sustainable measures on a daily basis within their teams, but also across the hotel with colleagues and customers alike. Having managers from different departments within the Talbot Hotel Clonmel as committee members for our ‘Energy and Sustainability Committee’ is important for several reasons:


1.      Holistic Perspective: Each department within the hotel has its own energy usage patterns and sustainability challenges. By having managers from different departments involved, our committee can gain a holistic perspective on the hotel's overall energy consumption and sustainability practices.


2.      Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Collaboration between departments is crucial for implementing effective energy-saving measures and sustainability initiatives. Having managers from various departments on the committee encourages communication and cooperation between different parts of the hotel, leading to more cohesive and successful sustainability efforts.


3.      Expertise and Insights: Managers from different departments bring unique expertise and insights to the committee. For example, our maintenance manager Paul may have expertise in building systems and energy efficiency, while our operations manager Stephen may have insights into reducing food waste and implementing sustainable sourcing practices.


4.      Ownership and Accountability: When our managers from the different departments get involved in the energy and sustainability committee, we found a sense of ownership and accountability for the hotel's sustainability goals. This has lead to greater commitment and motivation to actively participate in and support our sustainability initiatives.


5.      Identifying Opportunities and Challenges: Different departments may have varying perspectives on what sustainability initiatives are feasible or beneficial for the Talbot Hotel Clonmel. Having representation from each department ensures that a wide range of opportunities and challenges can be identified and addressed by the committee.

Overall, having managers from different departments involved in the energy and sustainability committee promotes collaboration, expertise sharing, accountability, and a comprehensive approach to improving energy efficiency and sustainability within the Talbot Hotel Clonmel.

Please if you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to our team on: