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We are delighted to be able to bring to you our extensive Gin Menu here at Talbot Hotel Clonmel.

With so much choice from our Gin Menu there is something for everyone!

Tipperary Boutique Distillery Gin

This is a very citrus, sweet gin with strong juniper notes distilled on the family farm at Ballindoney, Grange, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary by Jennifer Nickerson. 

Our Serving Tip: to make the perfect G&T with Tipperary Boutique Distillery Gin, get a tall glass of ice, premium tonic water, and a curl of orange peel or a slice of grapefruit, this creates a beautiful pearlescent cloud to appear when ice or tonic is added. 

Gunpowder Gin

The nose from this Gin is light with a citrus-forward fresh lemon zest, highlighting a subtle herbaceous, sagey juniper with the slightest hint of green tea and meadowsweet.

Our Serving Tip: Place Gunpowder Gin in a glass with lots of ice, a premium tonic water and a slice of fresh red grapefruit to emphasise the refreshing citrus notes.

Dingle Gin

Clean and classic on the nose, with lots of bright juniper, there’s mint-laden under notes with a crisp herbal complexity rounding things out. 

Our Serving Tip: Serve Dingle Original Gin with large cubes of ice, a wedge of fresh orange and a sprinkling of juniper berries and coriander.

Shortcross Gin

This Gin has a Juniper and orange peel forward, followed by light mint, elderberry and perfumed coriander notes.

Our Serving Tip: Serve Shortcross Gin with an Indian tonic or elderflower tonic and orange zest to heighten the citrus notes and the sprig of mint will enhance the tasting experience.

Hendricks Gin

Hendrick's Gin uses the traditional juniper infusion, as well as Bulgarian rose and cucumber. 

Our Serving Tip: Serve Hendricks Gin with soda & elderflower cordial, garnish with lime or cucumber to bring out the flavours from the gin.

MoR Irish Gin

“Mór Irish Gin’ is a bold and innovative gin, the aroma is soft and subtle, perfectly complementing the juniper base. Earthy root botanicals, subtle floral’s and vivid raspberry notes.

Our Serving Tip: Serve with large ice cubes over premium tonic garnish with berries and infuse with strawberries.

Bombay Sapphire Gin

This has a strong citrus nose, acidic lemon dominating, along with some juniper, there’s a sweetness and a distinct floral fruity character in the background, bright and strongly aromatic.

Our Serving Tip: Bombay Sapphire is lengthened with Fever-Tree Tonic, complemented by the addition of freshly awoken mint.

Gordon’s Pink Gin

Gordon's Pink Gin balances the crisp, juniper taste of Gordon's with the sweetness of raspberries and strawberries and a tang of redcurrant, with a delicate fruity sweetness.

Our Serving Tip:  Fill a large glass with ice, mix in the Gordon’s Pink with tonic water, and garnish with wedges of fresh strawberries. 

Gordon’s Dry Gin

This Nose is heavy with pine-laden juniper, with a peppery undertone, with a slight hint or citrus and a menthol character.

Our Serving Tip:  fill a chilled highball glass with fresh ice cubes, pour over the ice and top up with chilled tonic. Gently squeeze a wedge of lime into the glass before dropping it in.

CDC Cork Dry Gin

Cork Dry Gin is a combination of juniper berry, lemon, lime, coriander, and Cork Dry Gin's mystery ingredient gives it its uniquely refreshing flavour profile.

Our Serving Tip:  Serve over ice with a premium tonic & garnish with a twist of bitter orange. 


A piney juniper, cedar, lemon zest and coriander infused gin with crystallised fruit and subtle floral rooty notes. 

Our Serving Tip:  Pair with a premium tonic over ice and lime wedge for a smooth and zesty G&T

Plymouth Sloe Gin

This has a clear character of mellow sloe berries, with fruity notes of sweet cherry and a slight scent of almonds, with a long fresh and fruity finish.

Our Serving Tip:  For a refreshing twist on a classic G&T why not mix it with Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic over ice.

Beefeater Gin

The natural botanicals are steeped for 24 hours to extract the flavours and oils, for a fresh G&T

Our Serving Tip: Serve Beefeater with a dry with Indian Tonic Water over cubed ice in a hi-ball glass and garnish with Lemon and Orange Slices.

Choice of Tonics

Fever-Tree Premium Indian

Fever-Tree Naturally Light

Fever-Tree Elderflower 

Fever-Tree Aromatic

Fever-Tree Lemon 

Club Tonic

Club Slim-line